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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Das Capital is one of the most famous books written by Karl Marx. I have already written about its 1st chapter. Now, I am going to explain about something related to the book. The book was written by in poor condition however the book topic was economy.

It is not related to one country related book but also it is related to human society economics. Marx was the 1st person who wrote this book historically and scientifically. Before writing this book he has a clear cut concept about new society and on the basis of scientific development he knew a new society is possible beyond the monetary economics.

He wrote by his book about the money, how money created, about the labour, labour resources, wage, surplus value, value of the product, products etc. all aspect was dealt very clearly and elaborately.

Before writing the Das Capital Marx has written many books and journal also. He was a revolutionary person.


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