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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lenin's Politics
Lenin is one of the leaders of Russian revolution, 1917 and was creator of social society in Russia. He has written many books about politics. I want to say something about that which is related to politics and written by Lenin.

Most of the books by Lenin’s were on economics but some books which are on politics are most important. He has written on philosophy also. Most of the writing on politics is like thesis not like books.

In the age of 1902 Lenin wrote many theses on politics which is – Revolutionary Adventurism, The Draft of new law on Strike, Political Struggle and Political Chicanery etc. In 1903 – The National question in our Programme. In 1904 – One Step forward, Two Steps Back, To the Party etc. In 1906 – The State Duma and Social Democratic Tactics etc. In 1907 – The Elections in the Worker Curia in St. Petersberg etc. In 1908 – Political Notes etc. He has written many books and theses on Politics which most famous. He has written on most of the topics which is related to politics – Party Organization, Revolutions, Socialism, Working Class, Elections, and Russian Situations. But most famous books are One Step Forward, Two Steps Back and Imperialism, The highest stage of Capitalism.

In these two books he has written all the aspect of party organizations and economical aspect of politics.


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