Dilectical and Historical Materialism – Stalin Book

Monday, September 1, 2008

Stalin was the leader of Russia. He wrote on many theme that was published as book. His short book “Dialectical and Historical Materialism” is very interesting and useful. The short book contains many aspect of human life.

I think Stalin wrote the book in the reviews of that scientific thought which Marx was created. It is the review of Marx theory and wrote in 1938 by Stalin. It is in Volume 14 of Stalin books. But after some time it takes a new look in the form of book.

I am reviewing the book as its aspect. Its aspect is to cover up human life in scientific way. There are materialism and historical two aspect. 1st is dealt its materialistic aspect which is related to nature and how human survive with nature and how they arrange the nature according to them.

Its second chapter is related to historical aspect. How human being creates its history and run that. Human being makes its history and create its history also.

That is the essence of that book. From the scientific and historical point of view it is very good and knowledgeable book.


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