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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recent scenario of the world shows the changes in study material. We can say MBA is the basic study of development of business in right direction. While in the old prospective it was limited to only economic books. I want to share one of the MBA books reviews which are from SMU in the right direction of new MBA education and career opportunities. Let’s read below review from a blog:

"The book name is “Management Process and Organisation Behaviour”. The code of the book name is “MB 0022”.

In short I am reviewing the book. It is the 1st book for MBA students of SMU (Sikkim Manipal University).

At 1st I want to introduce of “MBA”. MBA is the short name of Master of Business Administration. MBA comes with modern age especially with big and private firm to manage and cost-cutting. It is known as problem solving program also.

With the Book of “MB 0022” we will discuss about its chapter. In the book there are 10 chapters.

1st chapter name is “Organisational Behaviour”. It deals the behaviour of manager in an organization. With this chapter we have to study about managerial roles, management skills, nature and features of OB, challenges of OB etc.

2nd chapter name is “Foundation of Organisational Behaviour: Individual Behaviour”. With this chapter we have to learn about theories of learning, abilities, principles of reinforcement etc.

“Values, Attitudes and Job Satisfaction” is the name of 3rd chapter. With this chapter we have to study about contemporary ethical issues in organization, cognitive dissonance theory, worked attitudes and job satisfaction etc.

“Personality & Emotions” it is forth chapter of “MB 0022” SMU Book. In this book there are some topics which we have to study that are – definition of personality, theories of personalities, theories of emotion etc.

“Perception” is the fifth chapter of the book. Perception is primary way to evolve of ideas, thought and understanding of surroundings.

In the “Motivation” chapter which is 6th chapter of the book let us know that it derives needs and desire to achieve goals.

“Group Behaviour” the 7th chapter of “MB 0022” Book of SMU. It let us know that group is a defined with more than two peoples to achieve a common goals.

In the 8th chapter we have to study about “Power and Politics in Organisation”. In this chapter we have learnt how to use power and politics in an organization as an MBA.

Nine chapter of the book is related to “Conflict Management”. According to K. W. Thomas Conflict is, “A Process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected or is about to negatively affect, something the first party cares about.”

Last chapter of the book is related to change and its name is “Organisational Change and Development”. The chapter is all about change and development about an organization and tells us that everything is changeable and process of development.

In the summery of book we can say it is all about for management, characters of manager, problems within organsiation, conflict, development, group, motivation, job satisfaction etc.

I have thought, in my second post I want to share my thought of questions papers patterns in MBA of SMU."

Source Via :Reviews of SMU MBA Book – MB 0022

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