Suman Saurav Magazine Book for All Age People

Monday, August 24, 2009

Suman Saurav Magazine Book
Suman Saurav magazine is the most famous book across the India. It is the book which comes in magazine format. The magazine comes monthly. The magazine is published by Delhi Prakashan Vitran Pte Ltd. Suman Saurav magazine is famous in abroad also. Hindi language of the magazine is the most popular in the north India.

Suman Saurav is a monthly magazine which is full with news, stories, comic, photography, quiz, questions, solutions and suggestions. The magazine is the most popular because of its world class collections. Photography and stories are very interesting part of the Suman Saurav magazine.

There are many magazines in the market but it is the most popular for teenager however, all age people like it. I have read many editions of the magazine. It was my best choice magazine. It is very cheap also.

You can buy the magazine from post or you can subscribe it for yearly, 3 yearly or for life time. Suman Saurav is very old magazine book which is published by Delhi Press. It is continue from 1983.

The book magazine has great popularity in North India. If you want to entertain with book magazine then Suman Saurav is the best option. Many of book sites offer to subscribe the book magazine online for your home delivery.

The most awaiting section of the magazine is questions and solutions. There are many questions which are asked by readers and the magazine gives their solution. There are career suggestions and questions also which is the most attractive for students.

The magazine gives you chance to participate in it. If you send an article, quiz or image to the magazine, Suman Saurav will paid you for that in case that material is published by the magazine. So, it is one of the readers’ attractive book magazines also.

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