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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I recently stumbled across a site called good news books Christian bookstore. They have a wide variety of Christian books available. but don't let that fool you the have many more things than just Christian books available to you, they have everything from else dinsmore dolls to religious jewelry.

On the internet there are a lot of bookstores that you can visit but few are as cheap as good news books. With a 20% discount on most of the items in the store you can be sure that it is gonna be hard to find a cheaper price.

So if you are in the neighborhood for christian books and religious supplies then you should definitely check out good news books for all of your religious and Christian needs. Happy reading.

“Wild City: Nature Wonders Next Door” Book Review

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Book “Wild City: Nature Wonders Next Door” has been written by Ranjit Lal. The book nature is very different you can say ode. It is ode nature book because it has been on different theme which was in fiction writing.

“Wild City: Nature Wonders Next Door” Ranjit Lal's book has been been published by Penguin Publisher and its price is 275 INR. The book has got 4 rating while it is written by an Indian writer on the very ode topic.

The online book journey starts from Delhi with description of Delhi situations specially Delhi's environment. We can say it describe Delhi's natural situations with starting of this book. In the situations the book writer has mentioned about Buddha Jayanti Park, butcher’s shop, Delhiites pass etc.

In the review of the book HT writes, “A major achievement of this book is that its narrative never tires you. Lal keeps the pace fast and intersperses each chapter with interesting, often funny, anecdotes.

Wild City promises to be an eye-opener for jaded dilliwalas, and a wonderful way to discover a unique side of the city. When combined with the simplicity of its narrative, it becomes a choice pick for both adults and children.”

The Hindustan Times starting the review of the book with the title of Call for the urban wild. Lal really describe the urban wild life with the book of “Wild City: Nature Wonders Next Door”.

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