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One day, I heard an advertisement about old books that was on the value degradation of old books. From that time, I decided to review all types of old books in the comparison of new books. The advertisement was on the comment of old novel against new business books.

What was the old literature? People think literature is nothing but a story or a history. But I think, it is far way from this concept. From my point of view, old books has its own importance which show the reality of human being live. From the old books, we can take a lesson of society and cultural development.

I think, my concept is very clear from the iintroductory post about the blog. I have not to say about the blog because I have made many reviews about the old and new books in the comparison of new theory about the old books.

Now, I want to explore my all the views and experiences with the new and old books and your opinions and suggestions are always welcome.


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