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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Das Capital written by Marx

World known economical book written by Marx is Das Capital. We know Marx was the most intelligent person of his age. He has written many books on Politics, Philosophy, Economics and science also. His books Das Capital gives a step for human being to organize their society. Economics is not beyond from human being is the essence of this book.

I will review this, chapter wise because it is very large book and it has many chapter. Now, I am introducing this book. The books reveal all the aspect of economics and give the idea for human society to make their society humanistic. Das Capital was the books which start analysis from history of economics and human being.

It revel all the aspect of exploitation and reality of money. Marx has discovered the surplus value in this book. Das Capital was the book of exploited person. Its not analysis the economics only it analysis society also. By the books Marx, explain that society and all the thing is in changing mode so society also can be changed.

The book is not only analysis of economics but also it analysis politics, society, philosophy and science also. It is on the base of science. Marx has written the Das Capital on the basis of scientific development.


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