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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Recently, I visit an MBA Blog for the career of MBA. It was a well established blog and well written on perception from the MBA book of SMU. You can look yourself the review of that perception chapter from here:

"Perception is the primary process of evaluation. It is way to understand our surroundings and ourselves. As an MBA in an organization perception study is necessary to understand employees activates. Perception can be process of interpreting information about another person or another organization. It is our sensory experience and by it we evaluate thought, behaviour, organization and a situation in initial stage of our thought.

Perception Objectives are:

Perception process

Factors influencing perception

Barriers to perception

Attribution: Internal and External perception

Kelley’s attribution theory

Attribution Biases

Perception process moves from selecting, starting and end on interpreting information.

Factors which influence perception are: perceiver, Object or being perceived and in the context of the situation in which the perception is made.

Barriers to perception are like burdensome whatever others want to perceiving and interpreting.

“Attribution refers to how a person explains the cause of another’s or his or her own behaviour,” defined by SMU book.

Internal attributions: This is something within the individual’s control.

External Attributions: it means something is outside the individual’s control.

Kelly’s Attribution Theory: it shows that attribution is a perceptual process. Kelly has proposed attribution theory, “Individuals make attribution based on information gathered in the form f three informational cues – consensus, distinctiveness and consistency.”

Theoreticians proposed that attributions can be affected by two very common errors – fundamental attribution error and self-serving bias. In these two attribution errors can be cultural errors.

In the last we can say perception can be defined as personal primary sensory to evaluate a person, organization and situations."


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