The German Ideology Book Review

Thursday, October 23, 2008

German Ideology is written by Karl Marx. It was written in 1845 to 1846. The book is written in two Volume. In the first volume of this book is critique of modern German philosophy which is represents by Feuerbach, B. Bauer and Stirner.

When we go to the second volume we get critique of socialism and get the theory of true socialism. It is divided into 4 chapter and in chapter one there is the theory of materialism and idealism, historical development and necessary of the communist revolution.

In the second chapter there is the critique of Bruno Bauer. In 3rd chapter Marx has concluded religion, money, freedom, human nature, language and life.

In the last chapter of the German Ideology book there are critique of all the philosopher for that time who was in the light and produced their unscientific theory.


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